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Investment in Emerging Fields

Based on the concept of "immersive service operation" in the park, Zhefu Science and Technology Park pays attention to the development of symbiotic and win-win interdependence between operators and customers. According to the supporting policies of Hangzhou Yuhang District Government and the Management Committee of Future Science and Technology City for various enterprises in the area, through docking, introducing and integrating a good industrial chain, let high-quality industries land in this park, establish extremely scarce industrial stickiness, and make The "switching valve" and "lubricant" between the government and customers, the park as a "translator" of policies, establishes a platform for the whole life cycle between customers in the park, and creates a collection of "popularity - talent gathering, fame - service operation concept, wealth - more taxation" good situation. And according to the development needs of Zhefu Holding Group, create a high-quality R&D and operating environment for the group's diversified industrial sectors.

Zhefu Science and Technology Park

       Located at No. 21 Luting Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhefu Xixi Hall is three kilometers away from Hangzhou West Railway Station. It is in the core area of the Hangzhou Future Sci-tech City. The project covers an area of 31,500 m2,  the gross floor area is nearly 122,600 m2, including 95,000 m2 above the ground and 27,000 m2 underground. 

The project was invested and constructed by Zhefu Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhefu Group. It was put under construction in early 2010, and officially put into operation in October 2017.   

At present, there are more than 90 companies in the park, accounting for 86% of the planned number. From January to June 2022, there were six companies that contributed a tax revenue of more than one million RMB. The total tax revenue during this period was RMB224 million. The eight buildings in the park are all key buildings. In August 2022, the park was rated as a provincial SME park (among only five companies in Yuhang District). Moreover, it adopted the open and market-oriented operational model and joined hands with Jinke Service to communicate brand value and investment promotion models.


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