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Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture
The highest goodness is like water.
The highest goodness is like water: The highest goodness is like water. Water benefits all things and does not compete. It stays in the lowly places where others despise. Therefore, it is near the Eternal.
Seven virtues of water
“Be humble”
means being good at staying alone and willing to show modesty.
“Be reserved”
means keeping a peaceful mind, and being generous and careful with words.
“Be kind and benevolent”
means providing support for other things like water, and being kind to others.
“Be trustful”
means being true to what you speak.
“Be upright”
means advocating fairness and justice in life.
“Be competent”
means being responsible and able to complete your work.
“Be flexible”
means being adaptable to situational changes.
Corporate Events
Our development requires a group of outstanding employees, which will give us the vitality of development. In order to make employees feel that there is adequate space for growth, we put a great value on corporate culture building and organize cultural and sports activities, which are platforms that help create a congenial corporate environment. Through the help of higher-level leaders and trade unions as well as robust administrative support, our trade union fully leverages its assigned roles. It has taken active part in democratic management, safeguarded the legitimate benefits of employees, shown supports and cares to employees, and effectively enhanced workers team building and corporate culture building.