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Investment in Emerging Fields
  With the goal of resource synergy and empowerment from intelligent manufacturing, we expand strategic planning efforts in advanced intelligent manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta, new materials for environmental conservation, among other fields.

       Based on an array of diversified and synergetic business segments and professional operations, we have leveraged capital platforms such as investment management centers and Zhefu Capital with a focus on the green industry under the double carbon target 3060, made plans for investment in emerging fields such as advanced manufacturing, new materials for environmental conservation, and environmental conservation design (e.g., environmental conservation equipment). Empowered by the group, the invested companies have become more professional, expanded their business channels, and achieved notable revenue growth.

Zhefu Capital
"Generate more values through increasing professionalism, and focus on a win-win situation"

          Zhefu Capital is committed to supporting leading companies in high-end precision manufacturing, environmentally friendly new materials, new consumption, among other manufacturing segments, leveraged the capital of shareholders and its own capital to get many companies successfully listed on the Main-Board Market of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges and the ChiNext market through investment, and promoted their development through operational support. Currently, it has created an array of typical investment cases.

High-end precision manufacturing
Environmentally friendly new materials
Big consumer manufacturing
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