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Sustainable Dev.
Green Management

With the sustainable development strategy kept in mind, we continue to develop further insight into the business philosophy of low-carbon development in corporate operations, and commit ourselves to the development of clean energy, the pollution-free disposal of hazardous waste and recycling of secondary metals. Based on our strengths, we promote energy conservation and emission reduction, improve effective utilization of resources, strengthen the building of an ecological civilization, drive the green development of the company and the industry, and contribute to achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals for 2030 and 2060.

Environment Management System

As a member of the “green industry,” we put a high value on environmental conservation, and have established a full-fledged environmental management system for each business segment. Since 2008, an array of our subsidiaries, including Zhefu Hydropower, Zhefu Nuclear Power, Sichuan Huadu Nuclear Equipment Manufacturing, Shenneng Environmental Protection, Jiangxi Zi Li Environmental Protection, Lanxi Zi Li Environmental Protection, and Anhui Hangfu, have been certified by the ISO 14001 for environmental management systems (EMS). All these subsidiaries strictly abide by laws and regulations on environmental protection where they operate, implement the environmental protection management system with rigor, ensure management measures are effectively and timely put in place through the identification and evaluation of different environmental factors, upgrade technologies and processes for environmental conservation, and effectively prevent environmental pollution risks.

Emergency Response Mechanism for Environmental Incidents

All subsidiaries are guided under the Guidelines for the Investigation and Disposal of Hidden Hazards from Environmental Emergencies in Companies and the Administrative Measures for the Registration of Emergency Plans for Environmental Emergencies in Companies and Public Institutions released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to formulate their own investigation and governance regulations for environmental hazards and emergency response plans for environmental incidents. Through centralized investigation of environmental risks and hidden dangers, we acquire a full understanding of hidden environmental risks, register hidden risks and assess the current situation, formulate and enforce rectification measures, eliminate various hidden environmental risks, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of similar incidents. We also establish a monitoring and hierarchical management system for key environmental factors to effectively prevent the occurrence of major environmental pollution incidents.

Support Green and Low-carbon Development

As a leading Chinese company in clean energy equipment manufacturing, we recognize that the development of new energy is inevitable to sustainable development in the future. Nuclear power, as high-quality low-carbon energy, is a critical part of new energy and the key to China’s sustainable energy development in the future. Since establishment, we have put a premium on technological development, stepped up R & D investment to improve the R & D system and R & D regulations, and recruited high-quality employees to effectively drive technological progress. Under the guidance of the development strategy of “clean energy and environmental conservation,” we also expand our business into pollution-free disposal of hazardous waste and the recycling and utilization of renewable resources. This enables us to convert waste into resources, slow down exploitation of raw materials, and boost green and low-carbon development.

Respond to Climate Change

We show concern to climate change issues and has steadily promoted business transformation and upgrading. With a shift of focus from clean energy equipment to environmental conservation through major asset reorganization, we have further expanded our business segments, enhanced our ability to resist risks as a listed company, and improved strategic layout in the “green industry.” Under the guidance of the strategy of “clean energy and environmental conservation,” we focus on pollution-free disposal of hazardous waste and resource recycling, and develop the following process of hazardous waste disposal and recycling: collection-storage- pollution-free disposal-deep resource processing to drive corporate development. By transforming a linear business process to a circular one, we actively respond to climate change, thereby contributing to achieving the double carbon target 3060.

Green Development

While emphasizing environmental conservation in the process of production and operation, we advocate the building of a green and low-carbon office, so that employees can develop the good habits of energy saving and consumption reduction. We also encourage all employees to contribute their tiny parts to energy saving by saving electricity and water. In addition, we advocate the building of a paperless office, trying our utmost to reduce energy consumption in the office.

Green Design

In order to enable more economical and low-carbon oriented energy utilization, our clean energy equipment segment incorporates the green development concept into product design, and advocates green design and green production.

China’s first 600MW fourth-generation commercial liquid metal cooled fast reactor developed and built under the leadership of Zhefu Group successfully went through a trial run. Representing a mainstream type of fourth-generation nuclear energy systems, fast reactors have become the most favored type of nuclear power plants and will effectively solve nuclear fuel supply shortage. By shaping a closed nuclear fuel cycle, it will improve the utilization of uranium resources, which is important to sustainable development of nuclear energy in China.

Raw Material Utilization

With priority always being given to new technologies, processes, materials, and equipment, we strengthen integrated and rational utilization to reduce consumption of raw materials. We also organize the recycling of scraps during processing, and sell unusable waste to legal material recycling departments in accordance with laws. In the production process, we follow correct steps to minimize the use of non-renewable raw materials.

Improve Energy Utilization

In order to further build up energy management, mobilize all our employees, reduce energy consumption, eliminate waste, drive conservation-oriented development, and improve energy efficiency, each branch has formulated a management system and a supervision and assessment system for energy conservation according to their respective characteristics. Through enhanced organization and leadership, energy-saving planning, hastened transformation of energy-saving technologies, upgrading of energy consumption quotas and statistics, regular energy balance tests and energy audits, inspection on how energy-saving plans and targets are executed, and rectification of non-compliant energy-saving practices, effective energy management is guaranteed.

Protect Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the material basis for livelihoods and sustainable social development. It provides indispensable biological resources as well as shapes the biosphere for livelihoods. Since 2020, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China has released an array of policies to promote biodiversity and biosafety legislation, and improve the standard for biodiversity surveys, observations, and evaluations.

We take active part in exploring the path of coordinating the goals of climate change adaptation and biodiversity, take the lead in transformative development, promote the pollution-free disposal of hazardous waste and the utilization of renewable resources through the development of new business segments, minimize environmental pollution, and create conditions which are beneficial to biodiversity. Based on our main business segments and market opportunities, we explore and formulate goals and strategies to promote conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity, explore various mechanisms for cooperation, expand partnerships, invest in emerging sectors, and boost sci-tech innovation and green finance.