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Kind-hearted people can be compared to water.Water is good at moistening other things without disputing with them and can stay where people don’t want to stay,so it is the closest to “Daoism”philosophy.Always staying in the most natural places that are not attractive at all,the most kind-hearted people have a quiet and unpredictable breadth of mind and always be able to treat people sincerely,friendly and selflessly,keep their words,briefly deal with political affiairs,and be good at displaying their advantages while dealing with things and seizing opportunities during an action.Since these people always stand aloof from worldly strife,they don’t fetch in resentment.
Water: is the source of life and is also the business foundation of ZHEFU.Our corporate culture can be described with water’s seven characteristics,namely”modesty,vision,sincerity,honesty,righteousness,ability,and opportunity”.
Modesty: As the largest private manufacturer of hydropower equipment in China,we never want to dominate the market ,but to create more value for our shareholders,employees and the whole society.
Vision: Cultivating our morality and forging our capacity!By introducing the internationally advanced technologies and attracting outstanding talents,we are accumulating powerful energy for continuous development.
Sincerity: “Rival,the other hand to touch sucess”.Regardless of cooperation or competition,we all strive to achieve a “win-win”result.
Honesty:As a universal truth in all ages,honest operation is an important principle of our business.
Righteousness:We have been pursuing fair and equitable cooperation and competition.Of course,all of these actions are carried out in accordance with our business principle.
Ability:With advanced equipment,technologies and management,we are able to meet the requirements of our customers.
Opportunity: “Opportunities always belong to the people who have made full preparation”In the face of the rapidly changing market,we are ready!
Kind-hearted people can be compared to water--this is our culture!
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