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     ZHEFU Holding Group Co.,Ltd.(abbreviated as ZHEFU Holding), a listed company with its focus on the strategy of conglomeration, diversification and internationalization, holds a number of subsidiaries and covers its business scope on hydropower, nuclear power, oil & gas , Micro Finance and many other areas.
     ZHEFU Holding now has grown into large enterprise groups which focus its core business on hydropower equipment, and give priority on nuclear equipment and special electrical motor, under the development coordinated between international operation and strategic investment on emerging industry.
     As the core subsidiary of its hydropower part, Zhejiang Fuchunjiang Hydropower Equipment Co.,Ltd.(abbreviated as ZHEFU Hydropower), is a hydropower equipment supplier with excellent R & D, manufacturing, installation and service capabilities , and provides advanced-technology and reliable high-quality product and service for domestic and global hydropower equipments market .Its products cover a variety of types and capacity including all sizes of conventional turbine generator units, tidal power generation units and pumped storage generating units.
     The manufacturing history of hydropower units can be traced back to its establishment of the Fuchunjiang Hydraulic Machinery Works in 1970 which was under the Ministry of Water Resources — at that time the company was a pioneer in China for manufacturing Kaplan and Bulb units. After corporate restructuring in 2004, ZHEFU Hydropower has obtained the results of rapid development owning to advances in core technology research and development and large-scale of the import of advanced manufacturing equipments; its products won the expansion of the market not only in China, but also in the global market with each passing day. In recent years, ZHEFU Hydropower has gradually transferred from a hydro turbine-generating unit supplier to an EPC supplier, and it has achieved remarkable market performance in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia and many other regions.
     At the same time, key breakthroughs have been made by ZHEFU Holding in the manufacture of nuclear power equipment and special motor, and farsighted investments have been made on such emerging industries as micro financing, oil development and oil service engineering, culture and media, etc. All of such have helped to optimize the business portfolio and move forward the overall strategy arrangement of ZHEFU Group in a stable way, producing a positive and far-reaching implication to ZHEFU Group.

Stock Name for Short:ZHEFU Stock(002266)
◆ Total Assets:RMB 4.24 Billion Yuan
◆ Land Area:400000m2
◆ Total Employees:1861
·Technical Personnel:322
·Senior Engineers or Above:40

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